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Why You Should Run Outside (And Not in the Gym)

"I think you have to try and fail, because failure gets you closer to what you're good at." - Louis C. K.

Some people dislike going to the gym but love working out. Sounds contradictory doesn’t it? For me, spending time at a gym is occasionally enjoyable, but difficult to routinize. Up until recently, once or twice a week I would garner up the motivation to head to my gym and hit the treadmill for a nice long run. If I was lucky, I could grab one of the treadmills near the window. It was nice to be able to look at the changing scenery outside. I’d see cars going by, people walking, and maybe a bird or two. And then one day, after having to workout on one of the wall facing machines for an hour, I decided to take my workout mobile.

I found that not only was jogging outside a great way to liven up my routine, but it actually gave me a number of experiences that wouldn’t have been possible in the gym (some good, others bad). Here are a few new elements of your workout to expect, should you decide to take your cardio outdoors.

You’ll get to explore! When first transitioning to running outside, I had been living in New York City for a few months, and between work and other commitments, I hadn’t had much time to explore. There’s no better way to get to know a new place than on foot. I would plan my routes ahead of time. However, if I was feeling adventurous (or just got lost), I could pay no attention to my route and just enjoying being outside. Often times, I would find myself in interesting neighborhoods taking in the culture and (as a post-workout reward) food.

There’s more sense of accomplishment. One of the downsides to running in one place is not having a feeling of distance you’ve traveled. In my experience, looking at a panel at miles ran is so much less rewarding than actually traveling that distance on foot. It's a great feeling to see a target off in the distance and watch it become closer.

You’ll use more mental energy. This one can actually go either way. Sometimes it's enjoyable to have the mental challenge of navigating and timing streetlights. I tend to enjoy this more during first half of my run. Other times, near the end of my run, while experiencing more physical strain, it can be difficult to focus. Always remember to stay alert, regardless of how much your body is hurting! Because I hear getting hit by a car can be much more painful.

And my favorite of all - it’s refreshing! This really depends on what climate/season you are in. Here in New York, Spring and Fall tend to be my favorite season for running. When the weather is a bit chilly, about 45 degrees, there’s no better feeling than having the wind hit your face after taking the last few strides. It’s also a good feeling to start running on a chilly morning and become warm from the exercise itself. And then there’s always pouring water on your face during the summer months. I’m sorry to say there isn’t really any positives to running in the winter here. But that being said, it’s certainly doable to keep your workout outdoors. Just be on the lookout for ice and remember to dress in layers!

As the weather gets warmer, we can't wait to see all the unique ways our customers are using Core Flytes outside.


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