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Unlimited Uses

Core Flytes are used for a wide variety of purposes by a wide range of customers, from home use, to fitness clubs, to travel, and more.
See how Core Flytes will work for you:
Core Flytes are used by tens of thousands of people at home to help them get more active while having fun. 80% of customers who describe themselves as 'beginners' rate Core Flytes 10/10.
Uses for Beginners
"I'm a 57-year-old woman. I love these things. You got a great workout in a short amount of time and space. Great for any kind of strengthening, not just core."
- Jane Massengill, Customer
Core Flytes are used by Team USA Olympic athletes, professional tennis and major league baseball players, and seven NFL teams to optimize athletic performance.
Uses for Athletes
"Core Flytes get your heart rate up and they also challenge your muscles in different ways that you can't get from other types of equipment. The rolling balls are key because they work on all surfaces and you can get them pretty much wherever you want."
- Kisar Dillon, Professional Fitness Trainer
Older Adults
Core Flytes are used by older adults to help reduce the risk of injury by increasing balance and stability. Core Flytes have been used to help people get back into a more active, functional lifestyle.
Uses for Older Adults
"It builds my core real good. Legs. Shoulders. Everything. It's a full body workout."
- Robert Durbin, age 70
Core Flytes are used by Pilates instructors because of their fluid movements that mimic many of the reformer movements and exercises performed in mat Pilates that activate the core.
Uses for Pilates
"Core Flytes up your Pilates workouts. They are fantastic for activating more and more muscles in our body. They bring more to the table as you work from your core outward."
- Sean Vigue, Pilates Instructor
Physical Therapy
Core Flytes are used by physical therapists to help their patients increase mobility, improve proprioception, and strengthen muscles to rehab from injuries. Physical therapists use Core Flytes with patients to help them recover from surgery and help mitigate the symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson's.
Uses for Physical Therapy
"I've used Core Flytes with many types of clients for over two years, from athletes to baby boomers and beyond. Core Flytes have been invaluable when working with post-rehab clients."
- Dennis Barry, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
Group Fitness
Core Flytes are used in group fitness settings for Core Flyte-focused classes and classes that include Core Flyte exercise stations. The inclusion of Core Flytes add excitement and variety to traditional class formats.
Uses for Group Fitness
"Core Flytes are a fantastic addition to my workout. They offer unlimited exercises which make them appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. It's fun to change up a routine with Core Flytes. You will never be bored."
- Carol Michaels, Group Fitness Instructor and creator of Recover Fitness, an exercise program designed to help cancer patients recover from surgery and treatments
Personal Training
Core Flytes are used by personal trainers to help them design individualized workout routines for their clients. Because Core Flytes are appropriate for all levels of fitness, trainers can modify exercises based on the needs of their clients.
Personal Training Image
"I love my Core Flytes. I use my Core Flytes with my clients to work their bodies in different planes of motion. Core Flytes improve results and are a perfect new addition to any workout."
- Amy Kiser, Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor
Barre & Dance
Core Flytes are used in barre classes and in dance training programs to help participants increase balance and core strength while performing controlled movements.
Uses for Dancing
"As a dance teacher, I am always emphasizing the value of core strength to my dance students. They enjoy using the Core Flytes as part of their cross training. Such a fantastic & innovative product! I am able to incorporate exercises for students at every level, from clients who are just starting out, to my most advanced students."
- Amazon Customer
Core Flytes are used by runners to strengthen the whole body and especially the core. Runners have reported faster speeds and a reduced likelihood of injury due to Core Flytes stengthening their bodies.
Uses for Running
"In two months of using Core Flytes, I lost 10 pounds, reducing my waist by 1 1/2 inches and built my endurance and running speed. My mile pace went from 10:40 minutes per mile to 9:16 minutes per mile."
- Gary Walens, recreational runner