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Core Flyte Technology:

Core Flytes use innovative, patented ball-bearing technology. Core Flytes have 3 balls that roll under a stable and elevated base, are comfortable under your hands or feet, and give you full range of movement through all planes of motion.
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Adjust the Difficulty for Your Level:

Core Flytes are great for any fitness level. They are used by everyone from patients recovering from injury for physical therapy to professional athletes for optimizing performance. Use Core Flytes on harder surfaces for more intensity and softer floors for more control.

Use Anywhere You Want To Work Out:

Core Flytes work great on just about any surface, from tight-loop carpet to non-slip rubber gym floors. Each pair of Core Flytes weighs about 3 pounds, making them portable and easy to store.

Increase Coordination and Balance:

Core Flytes facilitate omni-directional movement along many planes, requiring coordinated muscle movements as multiple muscle groups are activated, and improving body position sense (proprioception).

Engage Your Mind as You Move:

Core Flytes require focus and controlled movements. Your mind won't go on auto-pilot as you will be thinking about how your body is moving while you perform the exercises, increasing neuromuscular connectivity.

Engage More Muscle with Less Joint Stress:

Core Flytes activate the core, as well as major and supporting muscles without putting additional stress on the joints from plyometric movements (e.g., jumping) or using heavy weights. They help prevent injuries while increasing functional and athletic performance.