Benefits of Core Flyte Stability Training

The Core Flyte Uses Innovative Technology to Enhance Your Workout

Core Flytes use patented Ball Transfer Technology to facilitate Omni-Directional Stability Training. Use a free range of motion to reinvent any body weight and floor exercise. 


Adjust the difficulty: Use the Core Flytes on harder surfaces for more intensity and softer floors for more control.


Use anywhere: The Core Flytes work great on just about any surface, including a non-slip rubber gym floor. The Core Flytes are also portable and easy to store.


Increase coordination: Core Flytes facilitate movement along many planes (on any flat surface), requiring coordinated muscle movements as multiple muscle groups are activated, and improving body position sense (proprioception).


Engage more muscle: Core Flytes activate the core, as well as secondary and supporting muscles around the joints, to help prevent injuries and improve athletic performance.