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We Can Dance!

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. - Carl Jung

In our culture, dancing is often regarded as something that is done without a purpose. We may dress up and dance at a special occasion, like a wedding or concert, but rarely make a routine out of it. There are hundreds of music genres all with unique ways of moving to their beats. However, in our minds, the word "dancing" predominantly conjures up an individualistic and youthful interpretation of the art form. This can be downright awesome (just check out Leonardo DiCaprio's character in The Wolf of Wall Street below).

We Can Dance!

But, actually, dancing is so much more than a good time. It's great cardio! Any activity that keeps you moving is! And when you're enjoying yourself, it’s like a free workout. During a dance, we're often too "in the moment" to feel tired. It's only when the dance is over that we realize just how exhausted we really are.

This is great, assuming our culture's approach to dancing is in line with our motives. But what about people who are shy? Or for the elderly? Can dancing be for them too? Absolutely! There was a number of dance workouts that get their inspiration from real traditional dances all over the world. Some of which are surprisingly strenuous. But you might be having too much fun to even notice! While these dances aren't as spontaneous as say, dancing out on the town, they are a good start for a expanding our definition of dancing and welcoming more people onto the dance floor. Not to mention getting a killer workout.

One such dance routine (scene below) is The "Powwow Sweat". It takes its roots in traditional Native American dancing. In the program, participants hop up and down to a drum beat to break a sweat. Without the drums and colorful uniforms, it might just be another workout. But being able to enjoy yourself is huge part of any dance craze. Who wouldn't want to make some feature designs, break out the drums, and dance?

WARNING: Skip to 0.25 if you don't wish to get their intro song stuck in your head!

In addition to dance crazes, they're are many festivals and clubs that specialize in group dances that are a great alternative to hitting the treadmill! Give the Kalamatiano a try the next time a Greek festival's in town!

Is it time for A Core Flyte dance? How would you bust a move (without getting hurt) on your Core Flytes? Let us know your thoughts! We'd be very interested in hearing your ideas! And remember to check out our Facebook and Instagram for workout ideas and fun content.

Be Flyte Fit,

Jeff Latimer

Marketing & Customer Engagement

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