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We Don't All Have The Same Goals

I started physical therapy about six weeks ago to "once and for all" rid myself of the annoying pain under my left kneecap that has haunted me during my runs since November's New York City Marathon.

At a recent physical therapy session, I was doing some hamstring stretches, and I looked around at the dozen or so patients doing various stretches and exercises. I witnessed a wide range of activities -- an older woman circling her hand across a surface, an athletic man performing wall squats, a young woman lying on her back slowly moving her toes back and forth.

I attend these sessions and do my "homework" diligently every day for one clear goal: I want my knee to heal quickly so I can get back into my regular workout routine, which includes running.

It was clear from the sizes, shapes and conditions of the other participants in the room that our goals were very different. Perhaps the athlete wanted to get back to dunking a basketball... Perhaps the older lady wanted to be able to type without pain.

I moved on to have my IT band massaged by a physical therapist (which incidentally is extremely painful as my IT band is very tight), I thought about the broader implication: our health and wellness goals are unique to each of us.

Most of us have some sort of fitness goals... whether we act on them or not. My current focus is to rehab my knee. A good friend is working on developing his six-pack through a carefully controlled diet and a regular strength-building workout. A former colleague of mine has the goal of performing a proper handstand in a vinyasa yoga session.

My Co-Founder of Flyte Fitness, Paul Nicholas, played professional rugby and sustained several serious injuries throughout his career, including a shoulder separation, dislocated elbow and a labrum tear in his right shoulder. He worked hard to self-rehabilitate by strengthening his secondary and supporting muscles, as well as improving his stability and balance. This process inspired Paul to invent the Core Flyte, which enhances stability, enhances muscle activation and works freely on any surface. Paul's experience rebuilt his body and he competed in the New York Golden Gloves Tournament -- the pinnacle of amateur boxing competition. His innovation reinvents your workout.

No matter what your fitness goal is -- big or small -- it is important to you. Take pride in reaching milestones as you move towards achieving your goal. Everyone is different. We don't all have the same goals. Let's support each other as we work towards reaching them.

Be Flyte Fit,

Jeremy Greenberg,

Co-Founder & CEO

Flyte Fitness

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