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Steve Feinberg: From Martial Arts to Speedball Fitness

Steve Feinberg is a fitness innovator, group exercise instructor, martial artist, boxer, and founder of his own, successful training program, Speedball Fitness. Steve has been featured on numerous TV networks, including CBS, ABC, FOX, and MTV, as well as in Forbes, and even Zagat.

Over his 17 years of experience in the fitness industry, Steve has transformed the lives and bodies of many through his coaching. I spoke with Steve to get some insight into the impact martial arts has had on his life, how he got involved in group fitness, the development of his innovative Speedball Fitness program, and his view of the Core Flyte.

As Steve is a trusted source for fitness expertise, we have worked closely with him while developing the Core Flyte product. Steve also played a critical role in the creation of our workout poster that accompanies each Core Flyte Professional Package. 

I joined Steve in his home in New York City for our interview. 


Martial Arts: "Martial arts changed my life."

Steve kicked drugs, cigarettes, and unhealthy habits as he became a disciplined martial artist.


Group Fitness: "For me, music is at least half the battle... it's all about the experience."

Steve became a group fitness instructor and married an energetic, upbeat atmosphere with martial arts techniques to motivate his classes.


Speedball Fitness: "When the music goes on, and you've got people in front of you, you immediately remember that it's not about you." 

Steve created Speedball Fitness, which uses a medicine ball as a resistance tool to enhance participants' workouts. 


Core Flyte: "This is like the new TRX... and it's incredibly portable and brings something new to the fitness industry... The workout guide takes into account most fitness levels."

Steve used the Core Flyte extensively with his clients and helped develop the workout program for the Core Flyte Professional Package.


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Be Flyte Fit,      


Jeremy Greenberg

Co-Founder & CEO
Flyte Fitness

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