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Our Core Flyte Master Instructors are Ready!

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

We have used the space on this blog to delve into a range of health and wellness issues. Our audience has read personal stories of real people dealing with real challenges to transform their habits and improve their fitness and health. We have shared the first-hand, deeply personal experience of a Flyte Fitness contributing writer who learned if she was destined to lose her life to a debilitating disease. Through our blog, you have read about my story battling high cholesterol and how I fixed it by putting published studies to the test.

If this blog is about one thing, it is about sharing. Although our company sells fitness equipment, we also believe we have the responsibility to contribute to the lively and ever-changing discussion on health and wellness.

Last weekend, we took our role in fitness education to a new level. We held our inaugural Core Flyte Master Instructor workshop at The Everlast Lab in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nine fitness professionals from around the country completed the weekend training and will be teaching Core Flyte specialist workshops beginning next month. The nine of us spent the time getting to know each other, sharing our unique personal and professional paths, and learning how to lead inspiring Core Flyte classes for fitness pros and enthusiasts.

Welcome our Core Flyte Master Instructor Team!

We have an amazing team with a diverse background. Our Master Instructors hail from seven states, including California, Texas, Maryland, New York, Florida, Minnesota, and Georgia.

The group demonstrated dozens of existing and brand new Core Flyte exercises. We will be sharing many of these on social media and our website soon.

Here's a video of Core Flyte Master Instructor Kristina Ferraro demonstrating the Core Flyte Bird Dog Crunch. It's a great exercise for strengthening the core, increasing balance, and adding a new challenge to our workouts.

Master Instructor Kristina Demonstrates the Core Flyte Bird Dog Crunch

After an exciting and exhausting weekend, three of us happened to be on the same flight back as New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. I gifted a pair of Core Flytes to Mayor DeBlasio, an avid fitness enthusiast, while we were deplaning. Upon reaching the concourse, I dropped down and demonstrated a few Core Flyte exercises for him. He was very kind to our group and asked questions about exercise techniques.

Our Core Flyte Master Instructors are Ready!

Left to right: Flyte Fitness Co-Founder Paul Nicholas, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Core Flyte Master Instructor Kristina Ferraro, and Flyte Fitness Co-Founder Jeremy Greenberg

Our whirlwind experience ended on an exciting note, but I'm most excited about what our team will do in the coming months. As a group, we will teach dozens, and, eventually hundreds, of individuals across the country -- and then around the world. We will forever be united based on our intense weekend together and our shared passion for fitness and education.

Please look for updates on scheduled workshop events in the near future on social media and our email updates. We’d love to hear from you. How have you learned from this blog? What topics would you like us to discuss in future weeks? Feel free to post comments below or on our Facebook page or tweet us at @flytefitness.

Be Flyte Fit,

Jeremy Greenberg
Co-Founder & CEO, Flyte Fitness


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