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How One Man Used Exercise to Get Off the No-Fly List

Flyte Fitness Co-Founder and President Paul Nicholas wrote this week’s blog.

There are many reasons why people don’t exercise: I don’t have time; I’m too fat or out of shape; I can’t afford it; I’m too old; exercise is boring; I don’t know how; or my personal favorite: I don’t believe in exercise. Until recently, my father belonged in the last category, but I’ll get back to him shortly.

You see, exercise is a big part of my life, I’ve worked as a personal trainer in New York City for over a decade and I like to stay in shape. So as someone who teaches others how to enjoy making physical activity a part of their lives, it really saddens me to see that a lot of people out there think they can’t gain anything from exercise. Some don’t believe they can get any results from exercise because they’ve never tried it or they’ve given up after a month.

But I have good news for you: Exercise can get you the body you want, you can train your body to achieve any exercise goal you set, and exercise will probably change your life. Everybody, yes everybody, can get something from exercise. Though there is no secret recipe, the key is just to partake. There are thousands of ways to exercise and get in shape. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to a gym and perform exercises with weights. Any physical activity will suffice. You just have to find something that interests you and finish each day a better person than you were yesterday.

My father just celebrated his 70th birthday. He recently started exercising for the first time in his life, and I believe it saved his life. I don’t mean exercising regularly for the first time, I mean this is the first time in his life – ever – that he’s performed any form of exercise with the aim of improving his health and fitness. Before I tell you what my father gained from his regular exercise routine, I want to tell you about why he had no choice in the matter. They say everyone needs to hit a low before they change their habits. My father’s low was death… and possibly never meeting his granddaughter. After smoking cigarettes for most of his life, my father recently suffered a heart attack. He practically died and was resuscitated three times, has had several amputations because of poor circulation, and as of a few months ago his lungs were functioning at around 15 percent.

My parents live in Australia, I live in New York, and we hadn’t seen each other for over 12 years. Dad wanted to visit me in New York and meet his new granddaughter, but needless to say he wasn’t in much shape to fly, let alone spend 24 hours on a plane travelling to New York. He couldn’t even walk to the bathroom without sucking on his oxygen bottle for an hour. But Dad had his patched-up heart set on coming to New York. There was no more medication or surgery that could improve his condition; the doctors had done everything they could.

If he wanted to breathe, if wanted to live, and if he wanted to travel on a plane to New York and visit his granddaughter, he had to do some exercise. So he did. He started working out with a physical therapist three days a week. After a few months, he was stronger, was able to breathe better, and could walk to the bathroom without oxygen.


My parents recently spent two weeks visiting us in New York City. My father exercised with me almost every day he was here, and has continued his regular workout routine since returning home to Australia. It’s not only changed his life-long opinion about exercise, but it’s changed his outlook on life and added many years to it.

You are never too old, or too unfit, or too busy to gain something from a regular exercise routine. Hell, if my stubborn father can change his mind and achieve his fitness goals, anybody can. It doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is, just start chipping away at it today!

Check out these seven ways regular exercise can change your life, according to the Mayo Clinic:

1. Exercise controls weight

2. Exercise combats health conditions such as diseases

3. Exercise improves mood

4. Exercise boosts energy

5. Exercise promotes better sleep

6. Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life

7. Exercise can (and should) be fun

At Flyte Fitness, we want to see you live a longer, healthier, and happier life. We’re offering you the Core Flyte as another great tool to include in your regular exercise routine.


Reinvent Your Workout.


Paul Nicholas

Co-Founder & President
Flyte Fitness



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