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Gyms -- Like People -- Have Unique Personalities

Last week, we wrote about the different goals all of us have for our own personal health and wellness. And just as people have diverse goals and come in all shapes and sizes, so do gyms.

These days, people don't just "go to the gym"... They challenge themselves at Crossfit. They bike with an inspiring instructor at SoulCycle or Flywheel. They sweat themselves silly at Barry's Bootcamp. They spar until breathless at Mendez Boxing Gym. Gyms have their own personality and gym-goers take pride in the diverse training methods their gyms provide.

Everlast -- best known for its boxing and MMA equipment -- has built a high-performance training facility in Hoboken, NJ. The Everlast Lab offers programs developed by world-class conditioning coaches. We recently started a Core Flyte group fitness class at Everlast Lab.

As we venture into gyms and health clubs with Core Flyte group fitness classes, we are cognizant of preserving the personality and passion gym-goers have for their gyms. Our classes are tailored to the diverse needs of their clientele. Because Core Flyte works well on any common surface, classes can take place in rooms with carpeted, hardwood and even rubber floors.

We want to reinvent workouts while increasing the passion and loyalty many people have for their gyms by introducing exercises that step away from the ordinary, challenge the body and bring a smile (and a sweat) to your face. We look forward to seeing you in our classes as we expand our presence into more gyms in the coming months. 

We want to hear from you. If you have ideas for a Core Flyte group fitness class, tweet us at @flytefitness or add a comment on our Facebook page at

Be Flyte Fit,

Jeremy Greenberg

Co-Founder & CEO

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