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5 Insanely Expensive Ways to Spend Your Fitness Dollars

In theory, the gym is a place where we go for a simple reason: to work out. As health clubs look to stand out among stiff competition, they have added fancy lounge areas, DJ-curated music, refrigerators with ice-cold towels, luxurious steam rooms, and other arguably extraneous amenities. Now, there are many physical, social, and emotional reasons to go to a club... er, health club. Prices for a gym membership range as low as $10 for the anti-gym chain, Planet Fitness, to much, much more (keep reading to learn just how much).


We don't need much to get an effective workout at the gym, but that doesn't mean there aren't products with astronomical prices that people won't buy, all in the name of fitness.


Here are 5 Insanely Expensive Ways to Spend Your Fitness Dollars


1. $69,190: Vibration stimulation machine


The VibroGym Diamond machine uses vibration technology to increase muscle stimulation in your body. Models and celebrities are some of its most faithful customers. What distinguishes the Diamond model from other VibroGyms? This one has 65,000 crystallized Swarovski pieces encrusted into the vibration plate.


2. $5,405: Basketball shoes


And you thought Nike's Air Jordan's were pricey? The company created a limited edition sneaker called Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks. The shoes reportedly were actually dipped in 24-karat gold. Certainly not the most useful way to break in a sneaker. It's unclear if there have been any takers.


3. $52,000: Wind tunnel simulation trainer


The Hypoxi Trainer is an exercise machine that helps shape your body through a simulated wind tunnel. According to the manufacturer, this method strategically targets cellulite, and requires only three workouts per week for six weeks to complete a training program. The key to quick results? Dramatically increased blood circulation. Spending over 50 grand on a fitness product ought to get the blood rushing quickly!


4. $13,995: Circuit training machine


The XLR8 Power Trainer is a machine that weighs over 500 pounds, and its marketers boast that a proper and comprehensive workout can be complete in just four minutes. The XLR8 enables users to employ high intensity interval training (HIIT) to get results in less time than it takes to gasp at the price tag.


5. $26,000: One-year gym membership


Madison Square Club in New York City is run by celebrity trainer David Kirsch. An annual membership costs an astonishing $26,000. While it’s less than the cost to rent a studio in Manhattan for a year, it’s quite a bit larger than the U.S. average of $492. Members have access to some of the best equipment and trainers in the world, and even get their own monogrammed towels.


I hope you got a kick out of these "health investments." We'd love to hear from you. What is the best value you've gotten from your fitness dollar? Comment on our Facebook page at or tweet us at @flytefitness.


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Co-Founder & CEO
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