Core Flytes Are Stability Trainers That Roll With You

Train Your Body From The Core Out. The next generation of ball stability training has arrived. Core Flytes have 3 balls that can roll under a stable base, are comfortable under for your hands or feet, and give you a full-range of movement through all planes of motion.

Next Generation Stability Training Improves Your Performance

Core Flytes use patented Ball Transfer Technology to create Omni-Directional Stability Training. Whether you’re holding them stationary for a plank, or rolling them across the floor for a lunge, the Core Flytes activate more core, secondary, and major muscles to stabilize yourself during any type of exercise.

30 Core Flyte Exercises in 2 Minutes

Unique & Challenging Exercises For Any Fitness Level

Core Flytes are used by athletes, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physical therapists and people of all fitness levels across the globe. Balance & Stability training improves the connection between your mind and body for faster reflexes and better coordination. Core Flytes give you creative new workout options to keep you motivated and produce better results while you’re in the gym.