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At Flyte Fitness, we believe in the power of freedom. Freedom to get an effective workout whenever, wherever, and however you choose.

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Core Flytes are effective across all genders, ages, and fitness levels. Total beginner and not sure where to start? Check out our free exercise videos with modifications for all fitness levels.

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Core Flyte Products

Core Flyte - Pair
All Fitness Levels

Each package includes:

  • Pair of Core Flytes
  • Exercise guide poster
  • Carrying case
  • Online home workout videos, exercise demo videos, and training course

Core Flytes are portable stability training tools with 3 balls that roll under a stable base. They are comfortable under hands or feet and provide a full-range of movement through all planes of motion. Core Flytes are designed for any fitness level.

100-Day Guarantee: Keep your Core Flytes for up to 100 days and if you choose to return them, we will provide a refund.


What People
Are Saying

Carol Michaels, IDEA Fitness Trainer of the Year

"Core Flytes are a fantastic addition to my workout. They offer unlimited exercises, which make them appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. It is fun to change up a routine with Core Flytes -– you will never be bored."


  • what initially seems like a relatively simple and straight forward product turns out to be an extremely creative and challenging way to do a number of body-weight exercises

  • the only tool you need for a killer full-body workout

  • the athletic dad will appreciate mixing up his routine with Core Flytes, cool stability trainers that add an extra challenge and fun factor to any workout

  • low-tech and highly effective, these hand-size plastic pads embedded with three roller balls provide challenging omni-directional dynamic stability

  • Core Flytes can be used in advance strengthening exercises like planks to take strength, conditioning and balance to the next level

  • for even more intense push-up variations, you might want to try the Core Flyte rollers