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About Flyte Fitness, a New York-based Company


Meet Jeremy Greenberg

Co-Founder & CEO

Jeremy is passionate about fitness and health. He has completed several marathons, including Boston and New York, and enjoys body weight exercises. He has battled both back and knee injuries in the past, and is excited to see people use the Core Flyte to strengthen supporting muscles, build the core, as well as improve stability, in order to help prevent injuries. Jeremy loves watching Core Flyte customers share new and creative exercises and enjoys learning about unique and interesting fitness experiences -- from beginners to professional athletes. He also serves as Founder of Avenue Group and received his MBA from Wharton.

Meet Paul Nicholas

Co-Founder & President

Paul is the inventor of the Core Flyte and is a fitness and conditioning coach in New York City. Having developed numerous stability and balance exercises for his long list of clients, Paul designed the Core Flyte to enable fitness enthusiasts everywhere to benefit from improved stability and muscle activation. As a former professional rugby player from Australia, Paul sustained multiple serious injuries throughout his career, including a shoulder separation, dislocated elbow and a labrum tear in his right shoulder, which he self-rehabilitated. Paul went on to compete in the New York Golden Gloves Tournament -- the pinnacle of amateur boxing competition.

Meet Monica Juniel Byers

Chief Operating Officer

Monica’s knee injuries forced her to stop running, so she now focuses on spinning and resistance training. Core Flytes have been an amazing addition to her regimen. Monica is a firm believer in nutrition, exercise and peace of mind as the three pillars of good health, and brings that perspective to her position at Flyte Fitness. Monica has supported New York-based non-profit organizations as a pro bono consultant for more than five years. Monica is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Duke University. She spends most of her spare time as bassist in a band, Forward Facing Mirrors, and supporting Liverpool Football Club.