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Blog — Health

6 Purposes of the Core besides a 6 Pack

“I’ve seen guys who look like action figures who couldn’t hurt a fly with a punch and I’ve seen plenty...

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Exercise Reduces Suicidality in Bullied Kids

"Bullying is killing our kids." - Cat Cora, chef While bullying isn't new, cyber-bullying is quicker, easier, and has a...

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The Surprising Number 1 Cause of Death & How to Treat It

“The number one killer in the world is 100 percent treatable." – Dr. Romsai Boonyasai, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine...

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Exercise Shrinks Your Gut & Makes It Work Better

“Regular exercise helps keep you regular." - Dr. Jeffrey Crespin, gastroenterologist   Last week, I had my annual physical, conducted...

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The Yo-Yo Effect: Physical and Emotional

“Physical feelings are what arise as soon as the brain interprets emotions." - Antonio Damasio As each of us perform...

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The Military: One Way to Train to Prevent Injuries

There are 1.4 million people who are currently on active duty in the United States Armed Forces. It is imperative...

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