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Don't Just Buy Our Products

Thanks for your interest in Flyte Fitness and welcome to our online community. We look forward to hearing from you directly and hope we learn from each other over the years.

Here’s what this blog is not: We are not writing a blog to preach or oversell or indoctrinate you. We want to help facilitate a healthy dialogue about, well, health. 

At Flyte Fitness, we sell fitness products -- beginning with the Core Flyte this summer. However, we know that leading a healthy lifestyle requires much more than using an innovative fitness product... and that's where we want to start. We hope you'll join the dialogue... whether you manage a gym group fitness program, train others, participate in athletic pursuits, or simply want to get a bit more fit. 

Most Americans do not feel healthy. One third of us are considered obese. Less than half of us are satisfied with our body weights. About 5% of us exercise for 30 minutes a day (the USDA recommended level). 

Healthy eating, regular exercise and rest are all critical to being healthy and feeling healthy. We all know this. I have often felt myself that there are certain specific steps one must take to live a healthy lifestyle and drawing outside the lines would spoil the goal. 

Shouldn't health be liberating and not limiting? So, why do we hold ourselves to strict rules that so often place pressure on us and inevitably lead to unhealthy behavior?

At Flyte Fitness, we are calling for more freedom for all in our quest to be fit. We are passionate about the introduction of the Core Flyte this summer because it enables freedom... freedom to move freely in any direction... freedom to have a comprehensive workout on any surface... freedom to innovate and perform exercises most people have never dreamed of. 

We also seek balance. Some say moderation is key. At Flyte Fitness, we advocate balance and stability. Nothing that feels forced will be sustainable. As such, the Core Flyte requires balance and improves it. We want to help you reinvent your workout, so you have more control over your own fitness and health.

I look forward to hearing from you; and remember: don't just buy our products. 

Be Flyte Fit,

Jeremy Greenberg 

Co-Founder & CEO

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