Club Industry Spotlight: Core Flytes

Core Flytes: Next Generation of Stability Training

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Very portable: Lightweight, durable and easy to store.

For all fitness levels: Adjust the difficulty by using on surfaces with more or less friction or changing the range of motion.

Truly multi-surface: Moves well on any flat surface, including non-slip rubber gym floors, carpet and hardwood.

Inspires creative workouts: Introduces a completely new type of mechanics to popular exercises, and provides a platform for the innovation of new exercises.

Ergonomic design: Works comfortably under hands and feet to give you a full range of movement through all planes of motion.

Innovative technology: Uses patented ball transfer technology inspired by the aeronautics industry to facilitate omni-directional movement.

Wide-range of use: Used by personal trainers, professional athletes, group fitness classes, and physical therapists worldwide.

Each Core Flyte Pro package includes a pair of Core Flytes and a Core Flyte workout poster. Free workout videos are available online.