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5 Free Ways to Avoid Spending Your Fitness Dollars

Last week, I wrote about astronomically expensive fitness equipment, such as a $69,190 vibration machine for muscle stimulation. What's better than discussing crazy expensive products you'll never buy? Let's go with... Free ones that are effective and you'll love.


Here are 5 Free Ways to Avoid Spending Your Fitness Dollars


1. Do YouTube Workouts


There are many great workout videos available for free and at your convenience on YouTube. From channels such as FitnessBlender, BeFit, and POP SUGAR Fitness, there are many options. Select intensity, target area(s), and duration, and start exercising with Jillian Michaels or many of the other peppy instructors leading millions of people just like you.


2. Use Free Gym Trials


No, I'm not suggesting you never pay a gym membership fee again. However, it's certainly okay to take advantage of free trial periods. Most gyms want you to try out their facilities and the best way to do that is to test them out for a short period of time. Typically, you'll get one to two weeks before you have to pay, but some gyms allow a one month free trial. Don't abuse it! But do use it.


3. Get a personal trainer (in training)


Aspiring personal trainers need to learn the craft through hours and hours of, well, training. Very often, during this period, they will work with clients for free or at a steep discount in order to gain experience and build their book of business. Many facilities will support these trainers-to-be as it will give their patrons an opportunity to have near-professional coaching. A word of caution: as these folks haven't completed their certification yet, be cautious and use them more for motivation as opposed to detailed direction.


4. Really Use the Stairs


This isn't a "skip the elevator" argument. I get that most people believe they're in a constant rush and prefer to have dedicated time for exercise. However, two products are commonly used that are kind of silly when you think about it: a stair-master (essentially, a large device mimicking the movement of going up stairs so that you can stay in one place) and an aerobic stepper (a portable device simulating one step). So, just use the stairs that are firmly planted. They work just fine.   


5. Use Your Body


Body-weight exercises are some of the best ones you can do. Running. Walking. Push-ups. Planks. Squats. Lunges. All you need for all of these amazingly effective exercises is your own body. You have that. So use it.


I hope you find these free fitness products helpful. We'd love to hear from you. What is the best value you've gotten from your fitness dollar? Comment on our Facebook page at or tweet us at @flytefitness.


Be Flyte Fit,      


Jeremy Greenberg

Co-Founder & CEO
Flyte Fitness

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