Core Flyte Pro Exercise Guide

Each Core Flyte Pro comes with a comprehensive, 8-week workout guide


A workout guide poster is included in each Core Flyte Professional Package. The poster can be mounted on a gym wall, used at home, or viewed at any point when you're using the Core Flyte... to give you a structured program or just give you ideas.


The guide was created in conjunction with several fitness experts -- including Flyte Fitness Co-Founder Paul Nicholas, Speedball Fitness Founder Steve Feinberg, personal trainer manager Amanda Obregon, and physical therapist Michelle Weinkauf.


The guide includes a warm-up section, as well as three workouts -- each with beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions.





You can view and download part of the workouts below:


Warm-up - view / download


Workout A - view / download


Workout B - view / download


Workout C - view / download